Casanova Behind These Scars Album Review [2019]

Casanova Behind These Scars Album Review [2019]

Gracing us for the fall season, AKA hoodie season here in NYC, we get an album worthy of the occasion, Enter Casanova: Behind These Scars. Coming off of his first 2 years of Hip-Hop success, this is his second major release with Roc Nation, but his debut studio album. After officially signing with Jay Z in 2018, Casanova released his E.P Commissary, which featured his breakout single Set Trippin, one of the biggest Hip-Hop records of the year. Casanova, working closely with RocaFella Records legend Memphis Bleek, crafted a sound full of grittiness, heart, and storytelling, and is on full display in his latest offering. From his 2017 beginning until now, he has built his way up to this point in his career. After avoiding conflict and creating peace with his former rival Tekashi 69, and also overcoming personal and legal adversity, Casanova once again shines bright. This time with his debut album.

Album Review

His voice is as heavy as the jail he opens the album with. Try his intro Jail Call where he channels his trials and past life over a heartfelt instrumental. Casanova paints a picture of whats goes through the mind of an individual losing it all and being incarcerated . In this song, he displays emotions of frustration, pain, and betrayal. At the same time, Casanova is raising suicide awareness. As he publicly states via instagram:

“Suicide is the leading cause of death in US jails. The number of suicide deaths hit a high of 50 for every 100,000 inmates in 2014. That’s 2½ times the rate in state prisons and about 3½ times that of the general population”


On the second track titled Knock Knock, Casanova is as ignorant as ever! Flowing on some wicked production, he kills the haters on social media:

“It’s me the one that you been tweetin’ bout Now I’m at your crib n***a ain’t no leavin’ out Oh, that’s your kids ready for school? They ain’t leavin’ now I got some n****s outside, ain’t no sneakin’ out” 

-Casanova, Knock Knock

Yikes! If you are an op watch what you post! I can picture Casanova with a ski mask running up on all his ops:

“I’ve been on your page for days, in a rage
I wanna waste em, I’m waitin’ patient
You can post a pic and you slip
And you post your location
I’m no Jason, I’m no Freddy
No machete, I use a semi
This s**t heavy”

-Casanova, Knock Knock

Next we have the record that is serving as the albums main single.

So Brooklyn (feat. Fabolous)

The production is reminiscent of Beanie Sigel’s Die, as they share the same sample. The intro has this combination of a sped slow piano, filtered kick drums, and Brooklyn being chanted over and over. It feels so ominous. Casanova is aggressive reppin big for his borough reminding the world where he’s from. However, Fabolous shows why he is one of the only artists capable of featuring on this song. Living up to his Brooklyn legendary status He performs a masterful verse.

his wit is on full display in this snippet:

I’m so Brooklyn, my n***a, if I say it, it’s facts/If I May it I Bachs, if I Roll I Royce/ Like every day is Christmas, I got the coldest toys/ Told my boys, ten toes, hold ya poise

-Fabolous, So Brooklyn

Casanova, Gunna, and Young Thug team up with Top Quality Productions to bring another banger called So Drippy. In the background you can hear Young Thug haunting the ad libs. As well as Casanova singing on the hook, using auto-tune and it compliments well. Great mix, laced with a instrumental that slaps.

We also have Woah (feat. Jeremih) Prod by Zalezy, which I suspect will be a single at some point or another. You can catch Cas slick talking these broads:

“Should I pull up in that Bugatti
‘Cuz I heard you pulled up in that ‘Rari
And you pulled up with your best friend
Heard y’all got it lit inside the party”

-Casanova Woah (feat. Jeremih)

Jeremih is also in top form providing us with another catchy hook and really is the glue on this record. Also this beat is fire! The vocal the samples for the hook are ice cold.

We also have Coming Home (feat. Chris Brown) prod 808-Ray and Cool & Dre. Chris Brown lends some star power for another potential single. Cas seemingly finds the woman in his fantasies on this lovemaking R&B driven record .

Combine that with Could’ve been somethin’ (feat. Kaycyy Pluto) and this album has plenty to offer for everyone. There is versatility with the production and tracklist.

Finally, he closes out the album with Live (feat. Giggs).

Adding Giggs on this record was a nice touch as he delivers a great performance and compliments the album well. Cas once again on the hook:

“I’ont wanna die broke I’ont wanna die rich/ S**t I’ont want no side b***h I’ont want fly s**t/ I’ont want drive s**t I’ont want no big crib/ I’m just tryna live Yeah, I’m just tryna live/ I’m just tryna live Yeah, I’m just tryna live”

-Casanova, Live

Casanova after everything reflects on simply wanting peace in his life and peace of mind. Laced with a chill sounding instrumental, simple drum patterns, and special effects guitars among other things.

At 35 minutes and 10 tracks long the album flows quite nicely. The engineering on this project is top-notch. Great mixes can be heard on any medium and the songs transition well one after another. I wouldn’t expect less from a Roc Nation Project. Overall, this is a positive step forward in the creative process for Casanova. If this album is a preview of what’s to come later, than it’s safe to say that New York Hip-Hop has an artist with a bright future it can count on.

The album is available everywhere. Check it out here

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