Wale Wow… Thats Crazy Album Review [2019]

Wale Wow… Thats Crazy Album Review [2019]


On October 11th, Wale and Warner Records released his sixth studio album, Wow… That’s Crazy. As explained by Wale, the phrase is meant to accentuate the existing parallel that exists in everyone’s life. From the good to the bad, love and hate, or in celebration or tragedy. Wow… That’s Crazy, captures all these emotions and everything in between.

Wale delivers a plethora of different soundscapes, colorful vocal performances, and rich musical diversity. By the end of this project, you will have journeyed around the globe and visited multiple musical eras.

Wale taps plenty of the industry’s best talent. The album features Jeremih, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Durk, 6LACK, Bryson Tiller and more.

Album Review

Wale returns in 2019 with his patented poetic raps. His voice and flow are refreshed and energized throughout the record. They provide a presence that sonically complements each of the tracks one by one.

We open up the album with the intro titled “Sue Me” Produced by D Woo. Soulful vocals surround the music bed, backed by basslines and drums that transition from verse to verse. Wale’s flow is point-blank as he dips in and out of the different pockets of the beat. He expresses different thoughts and feelings toward women, adversity, and the music industry.

Here is a snippet of the second verse:

“Hold up, yo, look People, people, the high life is a movie/ we ain’t promised a sequel Ambition, my second album, how was you sleepin/ droped the album with Seinfeld, they thought I was tweakin/ A prophet, a genius I’m flyin’ with Lena I’m ridin’ with Nina/ One right for the Chi, one right where I need her/ The funny thing is I’ll always be single” 

-Wale, Sue Me

Wale teams up with 6LACK to bring a thoughtful record titled “Expectations”. 6LACK lends his voice to the hook and gives a stellar performance while expressing his fears and doubts with his lover. Wale expands on multiple outlets but stands out with his subject matter on verse 3:

“Summer approachin’, she look in the mirror she wish it was winter Her tummy is pokin/ Lookin’ at Instagram, makin’ you sick Yeah, the figure you’re fishin’ for ain’t in the ocean/ no Your potential is more than gold Expectations is bogus though/ Talk about what the eye don’t see, this is body dysmorphia”

Another record to look out for on this album is “Love” feat. Bryson Tiller Prod by OZ. The instrumental is ice cold, laced with a thumping low end, mid to high pitched pianos, and a sped-up vocal sample. Wale and Bryson go back and forth about the challenges that come with love and relationships.

Next, we have the albums main single and currently charting on billboard, Routine feat. Meek Mill, Rick Ross Prod By StreetRunner. Wale rose to the occasion and delivered an amazing performance while making it seem “Routine“. here is a verse snippet:

“Mike Amiri put a hole in my jeans I ain’t playin’, in a whole ‘nother league/Go to Philly, then I go to Reddys Then I get a Rollie, then I meet a b***h/ And then I get a zip And then I take a dip into her womanness/ I feel like Carson Wentz I got the wisdom If a n***a sit the bench I got a funny feeling that you n***s fooling”

-Wale, Routine

Wale displays some of his wit:

“Boy, he still the coldest This the moment I come different/ yeah Yeah, BAPE, Folarin, no monkey business Can’t H&M us, no”

-Wale, Routine

Love Me Nina/Semiautomatic possesses a lo-fi ish sound and transitions into a second track carried by drum tracks and piano chords. Wale raps about his frustrations in society and what people desire most while preaching the message that we must wake up. All of this while creating a parallel between him and a gun.

Break My Heart (My Fault) feat. Lil Durk has the sound of a potential single. The song flows over 808 drumkits and high pitched piano keys laced with fx. Durk brings a catchy performance sure to stay stuck in your head for days. Also, there’s 50 In Da Safe. The credits don’t specify who sang on the hook but the song has that Maybach vibe to it.

There are songs like BGM, Debbie, and Love & Loyalty that display the depth and versatility this record has to offer. Wow Thats Crazy can be a lot of fun when exploring all the different songs that make this project unique.

He closes the album out with break-out star Megan Thee Stallion. They team up on “Poledancer“. Wale dips in and out, playing around with his flow and voice rhyming full of swagger:

“I need head, lick my blunt, she keep playing on the pole/ What you knew? What you know? Girl, you got a body/ Private show, she gon’ show after nine to five/ I just wanna lay you up, I just wanna lay some pipe”

-Wale, Poledancer

Megan Thee Stallion doesn’t disappoint. She gives a solid performance and reminds the fellas who’s the boss:

“He said, “I heard all of the best things in life come to you for free”/ I say “Baby, I know you ain’t never met no b***h like me”/ He said, “I heard you ’bout yo’ money, I ain’t think you was a freak”/ I invited all these b****s and they popping it for me”

-Megan Thee Stallion, Poledancer


When approaching this album one should take their time to fully appreciate. It has replay value and will take time to explore which at times is a rarity today. The artist performance, Production, and engineering are at the industry elite level. Wale is sure to gain new fans and keep his day ones satisfied until his next release.

You can stream the album here

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