YoungBoy NBA AI YoungBoy 2 Album Review [2019]

YoungBoy NBA AI YoungBoy 2 Album Review [2019]


Over the last 3 years, YoungBoy NBA has amassed a cult-like following through his consistency, well deserved of the outcome. It has been almost a year since he last released a full project and by YoungBoy’s standards that is quite a long time. Fans were ecstatic to hear that “AI YoungBoy 2” was going to be released, so much that it sparked a trending topic on twitter. What makes YoungBoy’s story so special is that it is relatable to so many people. There is room for growth, I have little to no doubt that the Baton Rouge Phenom will reach his potential.

To put it simply, this album is rock solid. Backed by Atlantic records, and utilizing an all-star team of producers, YoungBoy is able to display versatility throughout this project. While he certainly has his ignorant moments, he shows growth and consciousness as well as maturity and focus.

Album Review:

First, we get the intro “Carters son” prod by Money Montage, Aura, KK McFly. Drums and basslines hit hard over electric guitar and brass. Youngboy sounds refreshed ripping through the beat with an unorthodox flow. Going back and forth between rapping and singing:

Got juveniles on the block, thirty stick hangin’ out the Glock/
Bandana tied ’round the clip, and they go all out for me, though/

-YoungBoy NBA

Sucked all the pain up, let’s f**k the game up/
Plenty n****s on the block pushin’ that rock (It’s the Carter’s son)/
You got your change up, they brought your name up/
When it’s war, we wet they block, and when it’s said, this shit’ll never be done/
I can’t say I’m f*****g with all this involvement
These n****s ain’t right and they ballin’/
I don’t give a f**k, no, I call up Osama, my baba
Like, “Load up and come and rob all them” (Rob all them)

-YoungBoy NBA

On “Hot Now” prod by Guwap$ Of Beat Execz, Youngboy comes for the haters over the mean basslines provided on the instrumental.
YoungBoy raps over the hook:
Choppers out, many men, baow, baow/Baby girl, I need that fan ’cause I’m hot now /
The Bassline on “Hot Now” has a reminiscent feel to a throwback Westcoast track if even slightly, or it may be something else.
YoungBoy sings a melodic tone post hook to bridge the gap. then it’s right back to his aggressive flow.

Next, we have “Seeming Like it” prod by Mike Will Made It.
YoungBoy takes a conscious approach digging deep about his past and present. YoungBoy tells his story going back and forth between rapping and singing over the EarDrummers production.

Number 6 is “Make No Sense” prod by Buddah Bless.
YoungBoy sings:
“I feel like I’m Gucci Mane in 2006/ All these diamonds dancing on my f****g neck cost like four bricks”/
A trap banger as he pays homage to Gucci Mane, YoungBoy brags over a charming instrumental while keeping the Ops in check.

“Rich As Hell” Prod by D-Roc Shows YoungBoy flowing aggressive reminding everyone how rich he is. Trap drums over a piano melody, backed by 808 basslines. “Head Blown” Prod by D-Roc fits right in with this tracklist full of street anthems. The instrumental for “Head Blown” is ice cold.

Another Brightspot is “Rebels Kick It” prod by Wheezy. This might be the albums strongest cut. YoungBoy does what he does best, but people will love the beat on this song. It has a bounce to it i haven’t heard in quite some time. The sound selection and use of the hi-hats and kick rolls are killer.


YoungBoy delivers a well-rounded project that his fans will appreciate for years to come. At 18 songs and 55 minutes, the project flows smooth but it is lengthy. I believe it could have been possible to slim it down to 14, maybe 15 songs. however, Fans will appreciate all they can get, especially because everything here is of the highest quality from the vocal performances, to the production and engineering. There’s not much to criticize if anything, as this project should create more momentum for YoungBoy to continue his music career with future releases.

You can listen to the album here

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